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I wrote this for someone special to me once:



I’ve always wanted someone

to lie next to me in bed,

to wake up next to,

to walk me home,

to watch tv with,

to wear his jacket,

to go on drives with,

to care about me and

find me interesting

even if I’m crazy!

And I found you.

You make me happy,

You always have <3



-Copyright Sarah Wallace.

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The Labyrinth

I asked my friend to write this text for me in early 2012.

She found something,

Someone who she never thought existed.

She found him within a friend,

Someone who loves her and makes every silence golden.

A new love, a first love and

It’s intoxicating and it’s perfect.

When she heard others talk of love,

they spoke of butterflies and constant smiles,

or dreamy eyes and she got that now.

She was happy, but it was a sad kind of happy.

in him she found everything that she ever dreamed of,

everything she never thought she’d get.

But like I said it was a sad kind of happy,

because despite the smiles and butterflies,

there was a fear,

of an eventual end.

-Lorna Collins



The end came.

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